XLam AirStairs Quick to Install

11 July 2023

XLam CLT AirStairs are a popular product that support rapid construction and greener buildings.  AirStair is cheaper, lightweight and much quicker to install than conventional precast concrete stairs. Supplied ready to install, AirStair flights are machined from solid XLam CLT and can be supplied with landings. XLam AirStair are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

A key factor in constructing and installing stair systems into a project are: stair geometry (shape), dimensional uniformity, and slip resistance of surfaces. Ensuring each element in the production of stairway systems is critical to ensuring occupant safety in a building. AirStairs are designed using a CAD based system to ensure critical details are not missed, then the stairways are manufactured in a controlled environment off-site with precision detail.

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