Wood is keen green and good in shakes

13 December 2021

(its eco-friendly, value for money in construction and good a protecting us in an earthquake)

Eco-friendly timber walls could replace steel or concrete, research finds ~ Two University of Canterbury researchers demonstrate how eco-friendly timber walls could replace steel or concrete in buildings.

New research on cross-laminated timber (CLT) walls could have far-reaching implications for New Zealand’s quest to become carbon-neutral, as well as reducing earthquake risks.

The cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to steel and concrete could feasibly be used in low-rise buildings, according to University of Canterbury seismic activity associate professor Minghao Li and his team.

The Earthquake Commission gave $75,000 for the two-year research programme in which Li and PhD student Ben Moerman tested multi-storey timber walls to see how they would behave in significant earthquakes.

The findings could help reduce earthquake risk, relieve ongoing supply issues in the construction industry due to Covid-19, and have significant environmental benefits.

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