Wood-Based Wind Turbine Towers and Blades Gain Traction

12 December 2022

LVL blades for taller, more sustainable wind turbines – In 2021, wind energy accounted for 6.7% of global electricity generation, which was double the share of solar energy. Although wind energy installations continue to show potential, there are a few glaring challenges. The first is economics. A second challenge for wind energy is the environmental impact of the raw materials that go into these projects. Wind blades are often made with fiberglass and carbon fiber, which have damaging production practices.

Recently In November, Stora Enso and Voodin Blades signed a partnership agreement to develop wind turbine blades from wood, which will also involve creating a new sustainable supply chain. The two companies are working on producing and installing a 65.6-ft. (20-m) blade for a 0.5-MW turbine near Warburg, Germany, by the end of 2022. Plans are in the works for a 262.5-ft. (80-m) blade down the road. Stora Enso said it is using 100% sustainable wood to supply the LVL blades, which will give them a high load-bearing capacity while also leading to a low environmental footprint.

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