Williams + Goulder choose Cusp CLT for Self Portrait at Melbourne Design Week

29 July 2022

Melbourne design week is an annual showcase of the best collectible contemporary design in Australia. It is the event for Australia’s leading designers to exhibit their work. Jon Goulder and Henry Williams chose Cusp CLT to design a minimalist table to showcase a collection of ceramics and tableware – “a grown-up response to a world where there is too much design”.

The designers wanted a material that isn’t traditionally used for fine furniture. They explored building products and settled on CLT (Cross laminated timber) – and ultimately Cusp. 

“We wanted to interrogate the use of timber and ask the question – what is a good use of timber, a sustainable use of timber?”

Goulder explains that sustainability in design is about longevity.

“The body of work that we developed talks about maturity in design. It talks a lot about proportion and considered design that has longevity as opposed to throw-away Instagram-style moments.”

Sustainability is also about careful consideration of materials, and according to Goulder, it is the responsibility of every designer now and certainly moving forward to source sustainable materials.

New generations are really going to take on the responsibility of climate change and that will change the market dramatically. So, products like what cusp will truly be valuable in the future.

“As designers, we must have a considered response to the environment and to sustainability. That’s our job.”

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