What are the 5 largest timber projects ever built?

28 February 2023

Vittorio Salvadori: I am currently updating my doctoral research for a new article to be published soon, and I have collected 5 projects:

1) Arboretum (France-2023): 125,000 m2

2) Siemens Campus Erlangen (Germany-2022): 75,000 m2

3) Origine (France-2020): 70,000 m2

4) Arbora (Canada-2017): 55,515 m2

5) Sue&til (Switzerland-2018): 53,000 m2

Altogether, these projects amount to an impressive 380,000 m2 of building area. They are all timber-hybrid post-and-beam structures, with mass timber elements combined with concrete (cores, podiums, or slab layers) and/or steel.

The first three projects have been added to my original PhD list, proving two things:

1) the size of timber (hybrid) projects is growing very rapidly;

2) construction companies are getting used to handling such large projects made of mass timber.

I am very curious to see how the list will change in a couple of years.

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