Webinar – Detailing Deep Dive for Fire Acoustics & Structural for Mid-Rise Multi-Family

26 July 2021

Step up your detailing game with this wood design workshop! What is the most economical unit demising wall assembly in a multi-family building? How do you detail the intersection of corridor walls and unit demising walls? How can you detail a head of corridor wall to underside of floor assembly while maintaining code requirements for fire-resistance continuity, minimizing acoustics flanking, and transferring structural loads for shear walls?

If you have questions like this, you won’t want to miss this highly interactive event focused on practical solutions for real world challenges. Join us online to engage in a step-by-step discussion of how to design and detail common interior wall assemblies and wall intersections in mid-rise multi-family wood structures. We’ll analyze example details and assemblies, contrast different assembly options, learn how to make modifications to tested wall assemblies, and look at tools you can use to evaluate your options.

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