Vancouver Approves New Incentives for Mass Timber Construction

23 April 2024

Vancouver city council is branching out with new incentives to spur more mass timber construction.

The motion approved on Feb. 27, which will amend the city’s zoning and development bylaw, proposes a rezoning policy to accelerate mass timber construction for new buildings taller than six storeys.

New buildings in areas that would typically allow for eight to 11 storeys can qualify for two additional storeys, and buildings in areas that allow for 12 or more storeys can qualify for three additional storeys.

The city’s communications team said in a release the aim is to provide additional support at the pre-application stage for those looking to build with mass timber.

Carbon emissions reductions and increased construction efficiency are among the reasons Vancouver should be encouraging mass timber construction, according to a letter submitted to council by the Urban Development Institute (UDI) industry association.

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