V-Quest soft launch – An embodied carbon design tool

23 May 2022

V-Quest is currently going through the final stages of development before we move into our Beta testing programme. We expect the Beta programme to commence upon the soft launch of V-Quest in August 2022. A full public launch is planned for December 2022.

V-Quest is a web application that syncs with common design software’s or can be used independently using our 3D building reference library. Professional designers can avail of the Pro package to integrate V-Quest into their design workflow while Developers and Quantity Surveyors will be able to produce feasibility budgets for both cost and carbon using the reference library and our standard package.

Over the past few months, we have showcased our technology to a small group of companies within the New Zealand construction industry. These companies represent some of the largest architectural, engineering, and construction companies operating in New Zealand. These companies have all volunteered to participate in the Beta testing which alone demonstrates the need and want for our tool.

We are currently taking requests for more live demonstrations via our landing page at Interested parties will likely be invited to take part in the later stages of testing. This has dual benefits as they will be able to treat this as an extended free trial to experience how V-Quest will benefit their companies workflows and the environment.

We strongly recommend using our landing page to get in touch and learn more before the full launch.

Click here to see how it will work.

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