Tryp Hotel Mass Timber Site Visit (Wellington)

25 February 2022

Mass Timber Site Visit:  We invite all design and construction professionals to a site visit to the Tryp Hotel building project in downtown Wellington

JOIN US on 7th April from 4pm. The Tryp Hotel is being re-developed with CLT. We invite you to a site tour 4-6pm followed by networking and refreshments at Pan Head brewery. Click here to download the invite.

A Mass Timber Construction Site Visit – About this event: Redevelopment of existing 4 storey building with a 3-storey extension. From the ground to 4th floors are occupied by the hotel. The top 2 floors are private residences. CLT is being used for the extension floors and roof. A curtain wall facade is being installed for the exterior walls and a Rondo Quietstud steel interior wall system.

Format: We will host a group of 60 visitors from 4 to 6pm for a site visit at the hotel. Following the site tour, you are welcome to join us for networking at the Panhead Brewery.

To register click here

Further details at Mid-Rise Wood

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