Timber-Plywood-Concrete Composite System Development

5 December 2023

Researchers from Seoul National University have pioneered an advanced Timber-Plywood-Concrete (TPC) Composite Nail-Laminated Timber (NLT) system, deriving inspiration from an NLT project undertaken by Canada Wood Korea in Jinju City in 2021. This emergent TPC NLT system integrate the application of nail-laminated timber (NLT), plywood, and concrete to engineer a composite slab, primarily targeting enhanced flooring applications.

The methodology entailed in this system involves the alternate nail-lamination of lumber and plywood, which is subsequently topped with concrete. Nail-laminated timber has already been recognized as a viable replacement for traditional concrete and CLT slabs and steel decking across a diverse array of building genres including commercial, institutional, and residential structures.

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