Tianfu Agriculture Expo

22 March 2021

Canadian wood manufacturers are delivering on decades of Government-established groundwork in Asia.  While New Zealand’s focus is on logs, the synergy of Government officials, locally-knowledge timber standards experts in Asia and a commercially- mature engineered wood sector will see Canadian firms reap more rewards sooner like this example:

Asia’s Largest Timber Structure


At over 800,000 sqft (75,000sqm), the new Tianfu Agriculture Expo will be the largest timber structure in Asia, and one of the largest timber structures in the world.

Working closely with one of China’s most famous architects, CuiKai, our structural design for this series of 5 vaults uses unique Vierendeel trusses to achieve clear spans of more than 115m/375ft and heights of 45m/150ft.

Stay tuned for more details – construction has begun, and in partnership with Hasslacher we have already shipped more than 3500m3 of Glulam to Chengdu!

Structural Engineering

The 5 exhibition halls will house museums and display agricultural products from the region. The roofs of these halls are clad with ETFE but are open-ended, encouraging a direct connection with the surrounding farmland.

The roof structure uses 77 unique arched Vierendeel trusses to achieve clear spans up to 115m and heights up to 45m.The trusses have a triangular cross section comprised of a Larch top chord and two Spruce bottom chords – the top chords are exposed to the weather.


Source: Structure Craft

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