The Living Pa (VUM): Impressive Double-T Floor-Beam Components

13 June 2023

Red Stag: This is a really cool project to be part of. Red Stag Wood Solutions Limited supplying the CLT/GLT box beams, wing beams, floors and more. Built to meet International Living Future Institute standards for the Living Building Challenge. This will be an amazing space once complete. 

Our cross-laminated timber floors are slotting in nicely. Last week we installed the first of our prefabricated double ‘T’ floor units from Red Stag Wood Solutions Limited. We’re looking forward to making our way to the roof where we can drop our props and start installing mass timber on grids 5-6! LT McGuinness Ltd. (Source: Jack-Henry Sinclair, Cadet Quantity Surveyor)

Click here to read more about The Living Pa. 

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