The Botanic Retirement Village

12 March 2024

Pacific Environments’ design of The Botanic Retirement Village, recently reached a significant milestone in unveiling The Clubhouse & Pool House alongside the Nikau Apartments.

In time, the eight-hectare site of the newly established Botanic Retirement Village in Silverdale will be home to over 700 residents. The village will include 80 villas and 383 apartments for independent-living residents. An aged care home will provide 40 beds to meet the full range of care needs.

Residents can enjoy a luxurious resort lifestyle, with the community hub providing a central destination to forge new relationships, improve strength and mobility, and add years of longevity and vitality. The Clubhouse showcases versatile spaces for dining and entertainment, catering to the diverse interests of residents. Meanwhile, the Pool House offers a comprehensive suite of amenities including a 20-meter pool, gym, spa, sauna, and steam room, ensuring that residents have access to a holistic wellness experience right at their doorstep.

The undulating roof forms take cues from the gabled roofs of the surrounding villas, but are further articulated with diagonal ridgelines, generating an ever-changing silhouette and an extremely dynamic interior space. Exposed glulam timber structures, whilst an honest architectural expression, are a visual statement of strength and vitality for residents.

The rich texture radiates natural warmth from floor-to-ceiling, lifting the viewers gaze in wonder and exemplifying the resort-style experience.

The Nikau Apartments represent the first of several apartment buildings within The Botanic Retirement Village, designed to provide independent living options for residents. Featuring 32 apartment units across 4 floors, these residences offer a diverse range of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom typologies to cater to individual needs.

Constructed primarily with pre-cast concrete and Post-Tension Floor slabs, the Nikau Apartments prioritise robustness and longevity. The facade is artfully articulated with relief patterns and balcony shrouds, ensuring visual harmony with the surrounding villas while providing privacy, shade, and shelter for residents.

Click here for more photos and for the full press release. Click here to visit the Pacific Environments Architects website.

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