Te Ara Pounamu Completed – On Time and On Budget

6 February 2024

Bernie O’Fagen, RM Designs: Te Ara Pounamu, the Pounamu Pathway in Mawhera Greymouth opened at the end of last year, on time and on budget. This was the best example of collaboration we have witnessed, covering all aspects of communications, tasks orientated, network driven and client and community centric. To be in the middle of this wider team was an absolute treat. We thank the client Pokeka Poutini Ngāti Tahu LTD &  Te Ara Pounamu Limited for their trust in us.

The team included some usual suspects in ENGCO Consulting Engineers for structure and comprised Sam of SMART Project Management LTD, Tony and Megans Wikins from Tony Wilkins Builders, Wētā Workshop Ltd (the experience is mind blowing) and the cultural artists Mahana Coulston, Fayne Robinson beautifully fabricated by Brent Brownlee of Art Fetiche. These guys simply deliver what they promise.  

Inside Tonys team Glen Mesman of Aotea Greymouth, Janine Branje of Hush Interiors Ltd and Colin Waterman of Coast Decorating, added their expertise and advice. The manufacturers included Red Stag Timber, Gray Brothers Engineering and James Mizen of Fabric Structures. The comms, frankness and execution was simply exemplary. The canopy encapsulating the building in form of a pake or cloak was schemed by Laura from our creative team. It comprised more than 1500 components, excluding fixings and fastenings, was manufactured off site in 5 locations and, yes fitted like a glove. The modelling initiated by Rachel of our team was refined by Samuel Richard Leslie of Red Stag TimberLab and developed by the wider team, with Mike Cusiel of Engco playing a major hand.

I’m personally finding it harder to move on from this project. It was simply a dream. 

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