Swedish Cultural Centre joins Tall Timber Building Leaderboard

8 October 2021

Designed by White Arkitekter, one of the world’s tallest timber buildings at last opens its doors to the public. The ‘Sara Cultural Centre’ rises 75 metres (246 feet) above the Swedish city of Skellefteå. It introduces a state-of-the-art cultural venue and hotel that positively contributes to the local community while standing as an international showcase for sustainable design and construction. The carbon-negative building is one of the world’s tallest timber towers and a new center for creativity in Skellefteå.

White Arkitekter completes its timber cultural center in celebration of the heritage of its site. Before its city center was modernised, Skellefteå has seen rich history of timber architecture. ‘Sara Cultural Centre’ marks the revival of this tradition. Combining traditional materials with modern technology, the project employs sustainable and efficient construction methods and aims to be carbon negative within 50 years.


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