Stora Enso delivers precision mass timber for new auditorium

22 January 2024
[Stockholm] Sweden’s National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm has unveiled a dome-shaped auditorium made from precision-engineered cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Just over 12m high, with a diameter of 21.6m, the so-called “Wisdome” can seat 100 people for immersive, audiovisual science presentations. The structure is comprised of 277 unique CLT triangles produced at wood-product company Stora Enso’s Gruvön mill in Sweden. Covering the dome is a timber structure with a curving, shingled roof composed of 25 layers of 31mm-thick laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams.

To see how the project came together check out the video link below.

Click here for the full article

Source: Global Construction Review | Image credit: Stora Enso

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