Spiral Staircase Showcasing CLT Stands Nicely

14 November 2023

Looking GOOD – A unique steel timber hybrid spiral staircase with CLT fence in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The design team spent hundreds of hours on the digital modeling and figuring out the best solution for manufacturing and installation to realise the architect’s vision.

(Source: Stan Chiao, KLH Taiwan and WoodTek Taiwan)

Glulam supply: Constantin Tistea, Dragos Militaru

Curved CLT supply: Leonhard Unterrainer, Johannes Rottenhofer

Structure engineered: RJC Engineers, CC Yao, Tom Tong

Timber flooring: PARKLEX PRODEMA

Connectors & expoxy: Rothoblaas SRL

Digital twin: CadMakers, Kai Yang

Click here for more photos. 

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