Speaker Profile: Kai Kruse

31 August 2020

Kai Kruse is the CEO of Nelson Pine Industries, and will be joining us at WoodWorks 2020 to share on Nelson Pine’s experience with the new Nelson Airport building.

Kai has been with the wood industry for 36 years. He has a Master’s degree and a PhD in timber business, and has held director and senior management positions in Europe and Asia-Pacific for the past 20 years in multi-national corporations including Samling Global (a global giant in forestry, construction/real-estate, ship-building and chemicals) and Daiken (Japanese corporation focussing on building materials).

The new, iconic Nelson Airport impresses with outstanding architectural designs and engineering features. It makes great statements about the region’s identity reflecting Nelson/Tasman’s impressive landscape and sustainability as well as the dynamics and competence of the forestry and manufacturing sectors in the region.

Kai’s presentation will go through the value chain from the architectural and engineering briefs to the finished building. Specific emphasis will be made on the usage of local resources and manufacturing as well as their cooperation and integration with a multitude of trades, service providers and suppliers.

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