Speaker Profile: Jason Cordes

24 August 2020

Jason Cordes is the Managing Director of Red Stag Investments & Wood Solutions.

Red Stag has partnered with the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) and the Primary Growth Partnership Programme (PGP) to establish New Zealand’s first timber high rise reference building.  The five storey apartment complex at Clearwater in Christchurch is the first of several timber reference buildings scheduled across New Zealand that will showcase the benefits of timber in mid-rise construction, from residential through to commercial applications. 

The programme will transparently show case the costs, construction benefits, design, and engineering openly to the industry to support the uptake and development of timber in mid-rise construction within New Zealand. 

In parallel, Red Stag will show case the largest timber building in New Zealand to enable the largest and most advanced Engineered Wood Product manufacturing plant based in Rotorua.

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