Speaker Profile: Denise Martin

28 September 2020

Denise Martin is a consulting building analyst in the residential and commercial building sectors of New Zealand and Australia. She founded BEO Ltd and is now the Principle Analyst for Oculus Engineering Ltd.

Her experience expands across several aspects of building science, such as energy efficiency and building performance through computer modelling, hygrothermal detail analysis using WUFI, Isothermal detail analysis and building envelope permeability testing using the Minneapolis Blower Door.

Denise has extensive knowledge on Passive House and is a certified Passive House Designer as well as a member of the Attma Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association.

Denise conducted the first, final and qualifying Blower Door test on the first Passive House in New Zealand.

In 2020 Denise advised the Australian Government on measures to be adopted in their building code to mitigate risks of condensation in residential buildings particularly in regard to mitigating impacts of condensation on occupant health.

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