Red Stag Timberlab adds Capacity

11 July 2023

Last year in August, after over six decades in McIntosh family ownership, TimberLab Solutions was purchased by Red Stag Group following a share sale completed last week. Their team was behind many of the iconic large-scale glulam and laminated veneer lumber projects in New Zealand’s history. The company also has a significant portfolio of impressive projects internationally.  

Combining with Red Stag who run the country’s largest sawmill, CLT factory and a frame and truss operation, was a logical for TimberLab which added glulam, LVL and CLT capacity and expertise.

Now, the combined facilities include CAD/CAM 3D modelling and expanding CNC machine centres to deliver a new world of timber engineering innovation and craftsmanship as Red Stag TimberLab. With over 64 years of experience, we offer Glulam and CLT manufacturing, LVL refabrication, and CAD/CAM 3D modelling. Experience bespoke buildings delivered as kitsets, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and our talented team. Discover the future of timber construction with us. Welcome to Red Stag TimberLab.

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