Our Very Own Mass Timber Giant

4 November 2021

Mass Timber Giant Techlam has completed a massive (and mass timber) challenge – To produce more than a kilometre of timber rafter beams for Red Stag’s new manufacturing plant – no problem for Techlam.

Designed to be 161 meters long by 61 metres wide and because of the long spans needed, timber was the obvious choice. With 36 rafter beams measuring 31.3 meters each, plus various columns and other timber components, this large-scale project took a lot of planning from the get-go. The logistics of running the massive volumes through their plant was an interesting challenge and they nailed it!

The Techlam Solution – They built the Red Stag CLT plant which is now one of the largest timber buildings in the southern hemisphere, the finished manufacturing plant is impressive both in scale and finish. Techlam manufactured the components over a 7 month period (including 5 weeks of Level 4 lockdown). Their production team was phenomenal, cutting every member exactly to length on the factory floor – delivering the product to site for the construction team to seamlessly install. The finished structure contains a total of 1200m3 of Glulam, storing more than 255 tonnes of carbon.

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