New leader for tallest timber building in Germany “Roots”

27 September 2021

Germany’s tallest wooden skyscraper broke ground in Hamburg. The building is called ‘Roots’ and the impressive wooden structure stands at 65 metres with 19 floors. The building is set to finish in 2023 and it will be the tallest wooden structure in Germany. Only the central stairwell and the foundation stone are made from   concrete. Façades, ceilings and room walls are made of wood – up to the 18th floor.

The foundation stone needed to be significantly thinner than normal because the building is going to be significantly lighter than usual.

On the other hand, timber construction is around 12% more expensive than concrete and could end up costing even more, considering the recent rise in the price of wood in Europe. However, the financial cost of the building will be offset by the fact that wood is a carbon-neutral material.

For ‘Roots’ this means 5,500 cubic metres of timber. The building will have 128 condominiums and another 50 that will be publicly funded. At the same time, the Deutsche Wildtier Foundation will use 4,000 square metres of the building as their headquarters. The space they occupy will have offices, exhibition and restaurant spaces.

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Source: The Mayor EU, Timberbiz

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