New 20-storey timber building overlooking the Arctic Circle

20 January 2022

The award-winning Sara Cultural Center by White Arkitekter building is located in Skelleftea, Sweden. Completed late 2021, it’s currently one of the world’s tallest timber buildings and includes a hotel, conference centre, museum, theatre, library and art gallery.

The use of prefabricated CLT and GLT is more than just structural. Timber is a core part of the visual experience, with its meeting areas, theatre and foyers providing a showcase for timber interiors.

Oskar Norelius, lead architect for White Arkitekter said, “One of the biggest challenges of the project was convincing people to build something that hadn’t been built before. But with the will and ambition to break new ground in wood architecture and sustainable construction. What we see now is the result of a great collaboration both with the municipality, partners, and our interdisciplinary team at White, where we all have worked diligently towards the same goal.”

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Source: The Plan | Image credit: White Arkitekter

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