Meet the 2022 US Wood Design Award Winners

29 March 2022

We are excited to announce the 2022 U.S. Wood Design Award winners—and to once again celebrate excellence in wood building design.

The annual awards program charts the growing prevalence of mass timber and light-frame projects in modern architecture — and recognizes the skill and ingenuity of project teams.

“Wood stands the test of time as a nimble and sustainable building material. From a public library in DC to the first mass timber hotel in Texas to a ferry terminal in Washington, this year’s winning projects showcase wood’s flexibility on scales small and large,” said WoodWorks President and CEO, Jennifer Cover. “Beyond the technical innovations achieved in these buildings, they are simply beautiful to look at. They inspire tenants, passersby, and the industry at large – while demonstrating how the design and construction community is responding to the need for more sustainable construction.” 

Click here for the list of winners

Source: WoodWorks US

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