Update on MBIE’s Building for Climate Change programme

12 June 2021

MBIE recently released the full summary of submissions from the 2020 Building for Climate Change consultation. The summary is now available on their website.

They noted that the feedback provided during this consultation was very useful, and has helped shape the updated versions of the technical frameworks. 

MBIE is now reaching out to selected industry representatives for their feedback on some of the technical points referenced in the updated versions of the frameworks. 

In addition, MBIE is considering the Climate Change Commission’s final advice that was recently released.  This advice, along with the feedback provided during the consultation last year, will help them form the decisions on what needs to change in the building and construction sector to reach New Zealand’s emissions targets.

Moving forward, there will still be plenty of opportunities for you to have your say about any proposed changes.

Later this year a public consultation will be held on the draft Emissions Reduction Plan, and there are also further consultations planned on the Building for Climate Change programme specifically.

If you have any questions about the work, you can contact

Source and image credit: MBIE

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