Mass Timber or Mega Beam – You Decide

18 July 2023

Two bridges for East Tyrol, Austria – The popular cycle path along the river Drau, which leads from Dobbiaco in Italy over 366 km to Villach, has been enriched by two sensational buildings: In the “Pustertal”, two cycle path bridges in wood-concrete composite construction were built in Anras and Assling on behalf of the association “Radwege in Osttirol”. The two massive specially shaped Glulam beams were produced and delivered from the HASSLACHER Group’s location in Hermagor.

Construction details – Both supporting structures, designed for 500 kg/m² and a 25 tonne vehicle, are each made of 17 curved individual glulam beams of the wood species spruce as a composite component by means of block gluing. Into these beams are milled wedges which, after the application of a 25 cm thick concrete slab, create a stiff shear bond between timber and concrete. The concrete slab not only takes over the compressive forces, but also provides the structural wood protection for the wooden supporting structure underneath. The larger of the two bridges spans the river Drau near Thal-Wilfern near Assling with its 32.7 m length. The Cross section of the wood is 4.1 m wide and 1.1 m thick. With a total cubature of 125 m³ this results in a weight of about 56 tonne. The Margarethen Bridge near Anras has a length of 24.7 m, a width of also 4.1 m and a thickness of 0.85 m. With about 70 m³ in one piece it is also one of the largest glulam beams ever produced at the location Hermagor.

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Source: HASSLACHER Mega-Beam Glued laminated timber special components

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