Mass timber design for podium high rise designs

22 January 2024
[WoodWorks US] Tall Mass Timber A-Z: Part 5: To Podium or not to Podium? Why would a project use a podium?

The main reason that projects – especially those in the 4 over 1, 5 over 2, etc. scale – find value in the podium option of the code can be summed up in one word: Density

You can fit more building on a given building lot by using the podium provisions. For example, IBC only allows 5 stories of multi-family wood framing. What if your site needs more density than that for unit count, or parking or amenity space, etc. By using the IBC 510.2 podium allowances, you can stack 5 stories of multi-family wood housing over 1 or 2 or 3 stories of podium.

Click here for full article (LinkedIn)

Source and image credit: WoodWorks US

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