Mass Timber Building Science Primer

22 March 2022

Mass Timber Building Science Primer provides range of insights into how wood brings a range of advantages to commercial construction.  While this primer starts from first principles, it does contain some key sections.

“Critical considerations for mass timber buildings must be addressed during the early stages of design. Failure to resolve these issues at the schematic design stage will result in having to undo design development efforts, leading to the loss of both time and money, while undermining project team confidence.”

The Mass Timber Building Science Primer by Dr. Ted Kesik and Rosemary Martin (in Partnership with RDH Building Science) is aimed at the average design practitioner and construction professional. It assumes that readers have little to no familiarity with mass timber building technology. This publication was made possible through the generous sharing of the collective wisdom held among the practice and thought leaders in our mass timber industry.

Building science holds the key to the mass timber revolution because it plays a critical role in building innovation. The need for building science is commonly recognized after the occurrence of building performance problems, rather than proactively at the planning and design stages of building projects, as well as throughout construction and commissioning. 

Innovation by trial-and-error is both costly and risky. For this reason, contemporary building science has taken on greater importance in response to an increasing trend toward innovative departures from traditional and proven building practices. Nowhere is the need for sound building science greater than for innovative mass timber building technology.

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Source and image credit: Mass Timber Institute

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