Maintaining Mass Timber Surface Quality Post-Construction 

24 October 2023

The struggle to maintain a nice finish on massive timber surfaces costs time and money. Unwrap your elements and UV and water will quickly yellow and stain a pristine timber surface.

Recently the mass timber team at Red Falls Timber in USA witnessed hundreds of man-hours go into sanding and coating the ceilings of these massive A-Frames after assembly to gain back the desired finish.

Along with KLH Massivholz and Sebastian Popp we are looking forward to leveraging on factory-coated surfaces to further reduce manpower onsite and deliver a more finished product. Their goal in pre-finishing is to prevent staining, and UV discoloration during staging and assembly, but the question is… is it possible to assemble with such speed and grace that a final coat onsite is not even required? Let’s see.

Click here to visit Red Falls Timber’s website. 

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