Magdalena Hotel: The First Mass Timber Boutique Hotel in North America

2 March 2020

PROGRESS UPDATE: We are nearing complete installation of the three hotel buildings.

StructureCraft, as design-builder, joined the project team early to be structural engineer for the timber superstructure, working closely with Lake Flato Architects through SD, DD and CD phases leading to Building Permit drawings.

Magdalena Hotel will be the first mass timber boutique hotel in North America. The timber hotels consist of one 4 storey, one 3 storey and one 2 storey building. The primary structure at the interior hotel rooms is DLT panels on light wood frame bearing/shear walls. The Dowel-Lam panels will be exposed at the ceiling, making for a warm and welcoming aesthetic in the rooms. Each building has an exterior exposed walkway structure which will be composed of gapped timber panels on Glulam substructure – the wood will be exposed on both sides (floor and ceiling). There are several other timber scope elements including DLT elevator and stair shafts, hanging balconies, hybrid timber/steel staircases and a stand-alone porte-cochere at the entrance.

Click here to see the progress photos…

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