Kainga Ora Site Update

9 October 2023

Katie Fowden, Hyne Timber: Had a great morning visiting 2 x three storey walk-ups in Auckland yesterday which are currently under construction by Miles Construction for client, Kainga Ora (Housing New Zealand).

All timber including our treated XLam floors and air-stair, and lots of (NZ supplied) framing. Always, always, always visit mass timber job sites and hear how much the builders love it! “Easy fit off”, “So quick installation”, “Safe”, “Less tradies”, “How cool does it look”, from this benefit to that benefit – the list just goes on, and that isn’t even going into the carbon sequestering benefits – just absolute practical application. This is common place across NZ and we are here to assist the Australian (State) Government(s), builders, architects, engineers, designers etc to address our social housing needs with locally grown, sustainable timber solutions.

Click here to view Katies site photos.

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