Join an Immersive Tour to the Heart of European Mass Timber Manufacturing and Construction

5 March 2024

Calling all architects, engineers, developers, and building designers to join veteran tour leader and timber expert Andrew Dunn on an immersive journey to the heart of European mass timber manufacturing and construction.

Over six days of insightful and engaging travel from Vienna, Austria to Milan, Italy by luxury coach, the tour group will visit pioneering factories, facilities, and projects spotlighting CLT, glulam, and other leading-edge timber technologies up close.

You will be staying in hotels and accommodation built from wood that showcase clever architecture and interior design. Network with local builders, engineers, and product specialists who are advancing renewable timber’s future across Europe’s built landscape. 

This is your opportunity to step inside the origins and learn about the future of mass timber building. Witness first-hand how European innovation is driving a modern, sustainable construction revolution using one of the world’s oldest natural materials.

Register now for your chance to explore the epicentre of timber innovation alongside industry expert Andrew Dunn.

Click here for more details about the tour or click here to book your place today.

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