Internationally Renowned Architect Tours NZ with Lecture Series

9 October 2023

Tye Farrow is a world-recognised pioneer tackling how what we create either gives or cause health. With award-winning projects around the globe that enact salutogenic design – design that actively incites health. He is the first Canadian architect to have earned a Master of Neuroscience Applied to Architecture (University of Venice IUAV), and has a Master of Architecture in Urban Design (Harvard University), and a Bachelor of Architecture degree (University of Toronto).

In his lecture series Tye poses this question: What if we were dedicated to building places that cause health? 

Traditionally, most cultures have had a wholistic approach to health and wellbeing. This comprehensive view encompassed mental, physical and spiritual health and social well-being and considered the effects of physical environment in addition to diet and lifestyle. Today, ‘health’ has become synonymous with ’health care’ as the western, evidence-based model extinguished the older view. However, recent research has confirmed that where one lives has more impact on one’s health and wellbeing than the medical system (beyond episodes of serious disease, of course). 

In his talk, Tye discusses the concept of ‘activated optimal health’ through environmental enrichment, and the role our built environment plays in this equation. His lecture will look at the cross-fertilising knowledge between design and brain science, which can lead to the conditions in which people can flourish, not merely survive. 

Tye will draw on material from his forthcoming book, titled “Constructing Health: An Exploration of Generous Architecture Through the Neurological, Psychological, and Emotional Benefits of Enriched Environments” which will be published by University of Toronto Press in late 2023. He will also reference examples of his firm’s designs in Canada, Europe and Israel.

The lecture series will take place around New Zealand starting in Auckland then on to Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

For full details, and for registration links, click here to view the event pdf.   

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