IKEA Launches MITTZON, its Largest Office System to Date, Conceived to Meet the Changing Needs of the Many People at Work 

7 May 2024

Inspired by shifting work trends worldwide, MITTZON was developed to help create spaces that enable various work activities and provide an optimised office experience. The family of 85 products prioritises wellbeing through design anchored in holistic ergonomics, including acoustics and nature-inspired elements. In MITTZON acoustic screens, IKEA used wood fibre, a recyclable material made of more than 90% wood, as a sound-absorbing filling for the first time. With MITTZON, IKEA builds on its home expertise to help the many people feel at home in their workplace and create an environment where both individuals and businesses can thrive. It’s the largest office system IKEA has developed and will be available beginning April 2024. 

The rise of hybrid work has shifted the role of the physical office from a static space, where everyone has a permanent desk, to one where every day is different, and flexibility is key to meeting changing needs. Additionally, offices today must compete with the comfort of working in a home environment. IKEA took on the challenge of conceptualising a system that addresses the needs of the many people in this new workplace, and the result is MITTZON. 

“At IKEA, our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people, and that includes their life at work, where a big portion of their time is spent,” said Jesper Samuelsson, Range Area Manager at IKEA of Sweden AB. “We believe that MITTZON is a stepping stone on our journey to continue developing furnishings that prioritise the needs of the many people at work, wherever that may be.”

The MITTZON office system helps create a fully ergonomic meeting point that adapts to different people, working preferences and activities. 

“With MITTZON, our goal was to develop an office system that can establish the foundation for a truly flexible, comfortable and healthy environment, where everyone can find a suitable place to work, feel motivated and inspired,” said Philip Dilé, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden AB.

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