Haven Road, Nelson: A 6-storey apartment building project: RM Designs and partners

27 June 2022

The Canterbury-based RM Designs team proudly shares their experiences with WoodWorks readers on their journey to design and build a new 6-storey apartment complex in Nelson for Vining Investment Properties in a series of dispatches – here is the first:

Dispatch One – “We really had to learn to walk before we could run”, says Rachel Mechen, architectural lead at RM Designs. “The R and D project for Kainga Ora, which focussed on three level walk up apartment blocks, gave us a good grounding in a parcel of work that included more than 10 builds. The shared knowledge in having another two of those partners around the table, in Engco for structure and Xlam for CLT supply, uncomplicated the six level design.”

“The sustainability features of mass timber assisted the ethical developer in achieved SHA status. The upper floors have been up spec’d for market, and with city and sea views I could move in gleefully myself.”

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