Green warehousing at Rothoblaas

29 January 2024

Rothoblaas’ new automatic warehouse is the first in Italy entirely made of timber. The European Union is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, the so-called “zero emissions” target.

The Rothoblaas team have been working on this since 2012, when we built a 200 Kw/P photovoltaic system, a heat pump and a steam heating and cooling system using the heat from the solar system.

They’re aiming to self-produce 100% of their electricity needs through renewable sources by 2025, well ahead of the deadline set by the European Union.

The choice to use timber for the new warehouse was made to compensate the carbon footprint of the other materials used as well. Automation mechanisms of the warehouse are made of motors, tracks, electronics, steel – all materials that generate a great amount of CO2 in their production, as well as concrete foundations. In order to compensate for this CO 2 production, we decided to make the entire structure and all the shelving in timber.

By the numbers:

  • 3200 m 2 of new storage area
  • 2000 m 2 for goods handling
  • 1200 m 2 for new offices
  • 40x80x20 m total dimensions of the construction
  • 200 Kw/P Photovoltaic system
  • 20 glulam GL24 and LVL combined towers form the bracing system
  • Class R30 structure fire resistance

Source and image credit: Rothoblaas (LinkedIn)

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