Get to the Truth of Timber

22 August 2023

“They say there are gaps in timber knowledge. We say we’ve cracked it.” That’s the message from Timber Unlimited, whose newly launched website has just made the use of timber to reduce climate-changing emissions from the local construction industry a whole lot easier and more accessible.

The website gets to the truth of timber costs, carbon offset, durability, fire safety and the very real benefits of building with timber. There’s plenty to be explored, such as design tools and case studies. You can also get inspired by viewing the best of the best from the Timber Design Awards, and other builds from around New Zealand that prove timber’s might. And meet the passionate and intelligent team behind the Timber Unlimited mission.

Visit their new website below now to explore free information, inspiration and support that decodes timber to help you unlock its limitless potential.

Click here to check out the Timber Unlimited website. 

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