Gallery: Award-Winning Hybrid Multi-Family Apartments Design and Build

13 June 2023

(Oregon) Central Lofts was among the pioneers of mass timber multi-family developments in the City of Portland. Located at the base of the iconic St. Johns Bridge, the four-story, 30-unit building takes full advantage of its charismatic neighborhood and prominent location next to a plaza, which sits at the center of the area’s commercial corridor. Because designers wanted to minimize the use of steel and concrete yet provide a flexible ground-story layout, the CLT and glulam structure is combined with exterior wood shear walls. This wood exoskeleton is paired with a central scissor stair made of two interlocking CLT stair systems, which provide shear stability and optimize the building’s footprint by minimizing circulation area. With floor-to-ceiling glazing that provides views into neighboring Forest Park, the bright, airy apartment units are awash with natural light, highlighting the exposed wood beams and ceilings while promoting resident well-being.   

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