From Sweden to Mt Albert: Mass Timber Modular Housing

24 October 2023

From Sweden to Ōwairaka: First of three modular timber housing blocks go up

Evergreen Modular Construction claims to be the first company of its type in New Zealand, aiming to build more sustainable and healthy homes at scale. The first of three modular apartment blocks, designed and made in a south Auckland factory but based on a Swedish system, are up at an Ōwairaka site.

Steve Mikkelsen, the chief executive of Property Partners Group, said a company that the business owns built the six-level block with the first 36 units and would soon build the next two. The units were made in a Wiri factory, trucked to site and craned into place.

The timber modules were different to steel modules from China, which other local companies had investigated. Property Partners is using timber from Nelson Pine and Rotorua’s Red Stag.

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