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22 November 2021

Back in the good old days of cardigans shorts and walk socks as the unofficial uniform of dithering public servants; here is a live dashboard for keeping check on Government’s actual delivery of new public housing.

The Government Housing Dashboard – The Housing Dashboard is a single place to track progress of key parts of the Government’s housing programme.  

The Housing Dashboard – It shows progress being made across the housing system and is updated monthly, so information is easily accessible as soon as it’s available. It includes information on public and transitional housing, other housing built by the Government, the housing register and other housing support provided. It replaces the previous Government Housing Dashboard and Public Housing Monthly Update.

Additional information, including information about people in housing or being supported, is available through our Public housing quarterly reports.

Using the dashboard – The dashboard shows what has been delivered by the end of each month. So, to see what has been delivered in June select the month of June. To see what has changed between two periods select the two points you want to compare. So, to see the change over a financial year select June as the start date and the following June as the end date.



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