Fast + Epp Head Office – by Tectonus

14 August 2020

It is a milestone project for Kiwi company Tectonus – their first in North America and they are thrilled to be working with Paul Fast and his team on the engineering consultants own head office. 

Fast + Epp’s approach to design and engineering has been to allow the stairwell and lift cores to rock under seismic excitation and to come back to their original position using the Tectonus RSFJs restoring forces.

The Tectonus units were installed in CLT shear walls and in a brace within the structure. The shear wall units can be seen during installation onsite, connected to the shear walls CLT panels with two a knife plates and 28-16mm pin connection. A simple and effective way to easily slide and fix the damper into place.  Another example of a quick erection approach in the design – the superstructure took 4 weeks total to complete.

The building will have the Tectonus units exposed and visible for those passing by, the accent colours adding to the overall aesthetic of the hybrid building.

With the superstructure now complete, the building is anticipated to be ready for a late 2020 move in.

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