Engineered Wood Products Webinar

28 February 2023

The Timber Design Society invite you to watch their 2nd webinar of their 2023 series with David Carradine presenting on Engineered Wood Products in New Zealand – Recent Survey Results and Existing Resources

Engineered Wood Products in New Zealand – Recent Survey Results and Existing Resources

With the proliferation of timber buildings, both large and small scale, there is a continued need to understand more about the use of engineered wood products (EWPs) in New Zealand.  This need translates to gathering information regarding the use of EWPs across the building sector, from acceptance and design through to delivery of completed buildings.

A survey was distributed to manufacturers, builders, architects, designers, engineers, building officials and quantity surveyors.  The intention was to gain a better understanding of what EWPs are being used and for what applications across the building industry.  Additionally, information was sought on perceived barriers to the increased use of EWPs and how the uptake of these materials could be increased. 

This presentation provides descriptions of the survey and results obtained.  A summary is provided of relevant issues raised and recommendations on determining current and future ways to encourage increased EWP use in New Zealand buildings.  Additionally, the presentation will provide some resources identified from the survey results as being useful for those interested in using more EWPs.  This is a follow-up to a similar EWP survey conducted by BRANZ in 2019 and was a collaborative effort between BRANZ and the Mid-Rise Wood Construction Partnership.

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