Embodied Carbon Unicorn Moment

30 September 2022

From the team at Logic Group:

Recently we were given the chance to truly test our V-Quest comparative analysis tool as a service.

The project, Five 5 storey apartment blocks, fully designed and ready to be consented. Designed in heavy weight concrete tilt panel, comflor and structural steel. This was a Wednesday and it was scheduled for consent application the following Monday. The developer heard of us and wanted to do a sanity check.

We took the existing design, ran it through V-Quest and provided an interactive comparative analysis of embodied carbon, cost and weight across 3 separate build methodology. Our tool analysed the existing heavy weight design and converted it to the expected mass timber (CLT & LVL) methodology and an optimised design Hybrid model (CLT Walls and floors, Structural Steel frame).

Within 48hrs we returned an analytical report that proved that the hybrid methodology was cost neutral, reduced the potential upfront embodied carbon by 750,000kg (3.75m total development kgs) and 800,000kg of weight per building. It gets better, the reduced weight proved to be key. With the weight savings the developer was able to replace his 16m deep piles with a 600mm gravel raft and add two floors to the height of the building.

Our reports don’t just return single sets of data, they provide comparative analysis of the potential options and examine how those data sets interact with each other. An embodied carbon calculation on its own provides limited information to make good decisions. When you know how that calculation interacts with cost and weight, well, now you can make confident decisions.

Talk to us, as sustainability is possible without breaking the bank. 

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