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10 August 2021

Potential NZS 3602 Changes Relating to Engineered Wood Products

Dr. Tripti Singh, Team Leader (Wood Science Design) & Project Leader (Bioactives, Wood Protection), Scion

As a chairperson of the Standards committee for the review of NZS 3602 (Timber and wood-based products for use in Building), Dr. Tripti Singh will present new timber and wood-based products included in the draft version of NZS 3602. This standard is a core resource for a wide range of people in the building industry since it gives the requirements for timber and wood-based products for particular uses in building so that they can be expected to give an acceptable performance during the life of the building. The Standard covers the materials and aspects of design and construction that are relevant to their performance in use. While the standard has previously included engineered wood products, in the current draft version, the new section on large formate timber elements, now includes cross-laminated timber, and large dimensional glulam and laminated veneer lumber.

As a Scion’s senior scientist leading timber durability research, Tripti will also update on current research and development conducted on the sustainably grown naturally durable timber species in New Zealand.


1 – 2 March 2022, Rotorua, New Zealand

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