Computer Modelling Helps Designers Understand Building Performance

22 November 2022

With the increased demand for taller wood buildings as a low-carbon alternative, there is a greater need to better understand the building performance of wood structures. Computer modelling allows demonstration of the performance potential of timber structures regardless of whether prescriptive or performance-based design procedures are used.

Timber systems decoded ~ The Modelling Guide for Timber Structures brings together the experience gained from recently built timber projects and the latest research development in the modelling of timber structures. 

The information presented in this guide is intended to assist practising engineers to apply computer modelling to timber structures, enrich researchers’ resources for advanced computer modelling of timber systems, and assist software companies in identifying knowledge gaps so that they may upgrade programs accordingly to accommodate the advanced computer modelling of timber structures.

The guide was developed in collaboration with 100 researchers and experts from around the globe who are well versed in computer modelling of timber structural engineering, progressive collapse, wind engineering, and earthquake engineering; practicing engineers who have applied computer modelling to timber structures; manufacturers of timber products and connections; and structural analysis software developers with an interest in structural analysis of timber-based structural systems.

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