CLT Toolbox set to release new features

22 January 2024

We’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek at our upcoming Mass Timber Connections Software.

Our users have voiced that connections are the most technically challenging aspect of mass timber design. We’re addressing this with features that eliminate complexity and enhance transparency for highly technical design routines. Features include…

Intuitive Detail Library: At the click of a button the user can find the specific connection detail they are looking for, including:

  • Dynamic Detailed Imagery.
  • Seamless Supply Chain Integration
  • Fire Integration
  • Transparent Education:
  • Versatile Analytical Methods

The first wave of connections, including floor-to-floor (half-lap, spline, and butt joints), timber failure modes (notched CLT/GLT, compression perpendicular to grain), and dowel/bolt design are on their way!

We’ll have the full release of timber connections targeting this May (alongside the Europe launch) with a comprehensive detail library! Engineers currently on the platform can get first access. Our member design software is currently available with free trials through our website.

Click here for details (CLT Toolbox via LinkedIn)

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