CLT: The Healthy Choice – A Case Study

22 November 2021
As featured in Master Builder New South Wales magazine

MODULAR building company Fabprefab has decked out its NSW central coast warehouse with XLam’s Responsible Wood-certified Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) product to form the structural material of the floor, walls, and roof – all while using it to provide a mezzanine level for the building.

Fabprefab’s building product choice reflects the value of XLam CLT application and the increased demand to build using sustainably-sourced solutions.

Locally grown and manufactured, the timber meets the Australian standard for Sustainable Forest Management, a prerequisite for Responsible Wood certification.

XLam Australia’s technical sales engineer for NSW Sean Bull explains the advantage of certification: “XLam Australia has implemented Responsible Wood chain-of-custody certification to support responsible and sustainable forest management in Australia. This includes ensuring that all XLam Australia manufacturing sites are chain-of-custody certified, meaning that all certified products from these sites can be traced from renewable pine plantation through to distribution.”




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