Clearwater Quays Apartments Update

5 July 2021

LVL Prefabrication for Clearwater Apartments, Christchurch, New Zealand

Project team: Enovate Consultants, Pacific Environments, Logic Group, Kobe Construction
Client: Red Stag Investments 

The Clearwater Apartments (The Gap) is a 5-levelled high-end residential apartment building with a total floor area of 2,130 m2 (including garages). The building has 2-apartments per level with an open plan design looking over the lakefront of the prestigious Clearwater development.

The structure consists of prefabricated LVL moment resisting frames, prefabricated light timber framed (LTF) walls, curved glulam columns and cross-laminated timber (CLT) floors. TimberLab were proud to be the supply partner for the LVL moment resisting frames and curved glulam columns. Other supply partners included XLam CLT floor panels and Concision LTF walls, utilising Red Stag timber.

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Source: Timberlab

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