Canada exports wood design services to Korea

12 May 2021

WoodWorks Office software, developed by Canadian Wood Council allows structural engineers to quickly design light-frame or heavy timber construction based on the latest codes and standards. Upon completion of the five-month duration course, students can analyse structural design parameters to set load combinations, configure and design structures up to 6-stories, specify structural members including single or multi-span, cantilevered, plus inclined beams and joists, wall studs, columns, beam-columns and CLT panels.

This software service to include mass timber construction will greatly benefit Korean architects and developers as the industry is still new to the technology.  South Korea recently passed legislation abolishing heights and size limits for wood construction to encourage the expansion of mass timber construction.  The Korean industry has responded positively but needs to upgrade its design and manufacturing capabilities. Canada Wood Korea’s technical program delivers tailored professional training and provides site support to projects.

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